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Having just endured 24 hours of flights & airports with a toddler, to live in a city where rain is an almost daily occurrence – the advantage of online games for kids has become apparent to me! I’m all for creative play, putting on a rain jacket and jumping in puddles & reading books – but there comes a time & a place where online kids games can be an absolute lifesaver!

Oh, you know... like when you have no granny, child care or mommy free time and you just want 5 minutes to chat, plan, enjoy a glass of wine without the table next door being peeved off at your toddler’s really loud siren noises and trying to escape the high chair! Just.5.minutes!

I believe there is a place for TV, tablets and smart phones!

Now I’m also not talking about mindless hours of shooting zombies or racing cars – there are loads of educational games that make learning fun and activities for the whole family that will have you in stitches!

Here are 10 fun finds I found for kids of all ages:


Monkeying around with your toddler

Super cute – Monkey Preschool Lunchbox teaches your little one about colours, counting, maths & more. Plus it comes in 7 different languages.

Sing a song of...

Let your little one sing to his or her heart’s content and learn over 100 nursery rhymes while you get the cooking done with Nursery Rhymes For Kids! Why not sing along – this allows for hands free interaction!

Love that!

Creative Worlds
Get your child’s imagination to run wild with Minecraft – build and create new worlds & adventures. They can get their friends involved too!

The Race Is On

Just plain fun really! Get clicking, finding & moo-tating!

Fat Load of Fun

A game for the whole family to play – take photos of each other and watch each other expand! Loads of giggles to be had.

1 + 1

Stretch those brains come exam times with Math Academy and make math fun! Wish this was around when I was young! I may be a whole lot more efficient come tax season.

Mommy & Me

I thought this was very sweet! A cute way to introduce your first to your next. Let them feel important in the process with Mommy’s New Baby.

Vroom Vroom

Encourage those fine motor skills with drag & drop games like Toddler Puzzle Transporter; finding shapes and building puzzles. Plus you can point out similar vehicles while you’re on the road or at the airport. I know my son, Harry, is going to love this one!

Get Active

It may be raining outdoors, but kids of all ages can still be expending some energy with Fit! Mom can even enjoy a little yoga after, while dad baths the kids


Nothing like the classics! Welcome back Sesame Street into your life and let your kids enjoy a world of enticing colour & educational games. Teach them about healthy foods with Abby’s Smoothie Maker & girls will love dressing these crazy-characters up with Dress Up Time.

I hope you find these games useful and that they save you from burning the roast!

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