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Party Themes for kids

The list of party ideas for your little one's birthday can be endless! Pirates, princesses, and superheroes – these always seem to be popular choices, but we’ve compiled our favourite top 10 unique party themes! Be the first mom to throw one of these epic themed parties and make your child’s party one they’ll never forget.

Vintage Birthday Bash

First up on our list is this super cute, vintage party. Bowties, busy floral fabrics, ice cream cones and bunting all make for a quirky and unique party theme. Party games for this themed birthday can include good old traditional party games like pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.

Lego Land

Lego has been a household name in children’s toys since the 1930’s, and now they’re more popular than ever. You can get just about every cartoon or children’s movie character in a Lego set, so why not bring Lego to life with a Lego land party. Kids can dress up as their favourite Lego characters and for party games, they can build and create Lego masterpieces.

A Space Adventure

As Buzz Lightyear would say, “To infinity and beyond”! And seeing as we can’t take children to space just yet, we can bring space to them! From a starship birthday cake to astronaut costumes, this party theme really is out of this world.

It’s a hit!

Throw a party to knock your guests’ socks off! Cake pops can be made into bowling balls and skittles and for the party games, you can fill 1 litre bottles with sand and use soccer balls to knock them down! You can break kids into teams and have a mini championship!

Ahoy There Matey!

A sailor and nautical themed party is bound to be a hit! From treasure hunts to ship cakes, and even an ocean themed movie, like Finding Nemo or Shark Tale, this is definitely one of our favourite themes!

Yeeha Cowgirl!

Think plaid shirts, cowgirl hats, and boots. You can even set up a lasso station and let the kids have a go at catching a cardboard cow. Hay bales make great seating arrangements and Rice Krispy treats make great hay bale replica sweet treats!

Little Chef’s in the House

If your little one enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen, why not throw them a little chef party? Each child can wear chef hats and put their concoctions together. You could have a biscuit and ice cream bar, with all different ingredients laid out. This way each child can choose how they’d like to ice their cookies and which toppings they’d like on their ice cream.

Under The Sea

Every little girl at some point in their life dreams of being a mermaid. This is a magical theme for your daughter’s party. The girls will love dressing up as mermaids and you can use sea shells and sea sand to decorate. To top it off create blue drinks to represent the sea. Simply mix sprite and blue food colouring and voila, the ocean!

Into the Woods

If you have a big garden, then this camping inspired birthday party is a perfect theme! You can put up tents and set out snacks on camping tables! To bring in the rustic, you can use tree rounds to place the birthday cake on and roast marshmallows over a fire!

Safari Adventure

If your little ones are crazy about animals, why not throw them a Safari birthday party and bring the wild to your back garden! Leopard prints, binoculars, safari hats and khakis, you can dress your kiddies as explorers and prepare for some roaring fun!

We hope these party themes have inspired you to throw your kids an exciting birthday bash unlike any other. We think they’re a lot of fun! If you’ve thrown a party with an awesome theme, we’d love to hear about it!


Coming up with fun and exciting party themes is easy as a kid – but as a parent it’s much tougher!

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