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Apps for Kids

With thousands of children’s apps on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually worth spending any time or money on.

We’ve put together a list of apps for kids which are easy to use, beautifully designed, and safe for use without supervision.

What’s more, these apps won’t only keep your little ones entertained, they’ll educate them, too!

YouTube Kids

While websites like YouTube can provide kids with an abundance of both entertaining and educational content, it is often not the best place for unsupervised exploration.

The solution to this problem comes in the way of the YouTube Kids app.

With simplified design, strictly age-appropriate videos, speech-operated search and parent-set timers, this family-friendly app gives parents one less thing to worry about.

Grandma’s Preschool

Grandma's Preschool is a wonderful virtual learning app for pre-schoolers. Its interactive learning games and activities focus on number, letter, colour and shape recognition.
And it has extra activities that are just for fun, too! Kids can paint and colour images in the art centre, or they can get to know more about the class pet – a guinea pig.

The Duckie Deck Collection

This app is home to an exciting collection of six games for kids aged 2 – 5 years.

The games in the collection focus on developing creativity, supporting healthy habits, and solving some of the challenges of childhood.

The games actively:

  • Encourage picky eaters to try different fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise kids’ imagination
  • Teach children how to care for pets
  • Help children to grow more comfortable with the dark
  • Show the value of keeping a home tidy
  • Require kids to practice visual matching skills

Moppa Ice Cream

With the Moppa Ice Cream app, kids are encouraged to explore their imagination and creativity in a way that is fun and full of colour.

Geared with a stack of extraordinary ingredients, kids can create their own out-of-this-world ice creams for 6 lovable little monsters to eat.

Designed for boys and girls between the ages of two and five, this game is simple to use, lovely to look at, and a great entry point for kids to start learning about technology.

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