Creating a home playroom for your child ·

We all want our children to be able to play safely in our home and creating a space safe enough for them can sometimes be tough. They need to play in a space that will provide them with hours of fun in a space that’s safe and secure.
Here are a few playroom ideas for you to think of that are easily attainable and won’t break your budget.
  • Get organized! You may not have a spare room available to use as a playroom, so you need to use the space that you have wisely. Put up shelves that your little one can reach, you can use these shelves for books and toys. Put up a few hooks and hang toy bags. These bags can be used to house their Lego, action figures and dolls or arts and craft accessories.
  • Cover the entire surface with a carpet, foam puzzle mat or even fake grass. This will give your child a soft surface to play on – ensuring that any bumps or falls are relatively scrape free. Paint a black square or circle on one of your walls with chalk paint and let the kids go wild with chalk drawings.
  • Make sure you have great lighting and ventilation. This will keep the room bright and breezy instead of dull and dingy. You can get creative with the lighting and put up a colorful shade or lantern over the light bulb or string some fairy lights around the walls.
  • If you don’t fancy a chalk wall, add in an easel and create an art corner to let your child’s inner Van Gogh shine. If space allows it, you could even throw in a small plastic drawing table and chairs. Create a section of the wall to display your child’s art – you can even hang up a piece of string and use clothes pegs to hang up their masterpieces.
  • Create a reading nook. Get a comfy bean bag or lay down loads of pillows next to a book shelf full of books that your child will be able to read. Next to this you could have a box filled of different fancy dress costumes for your child to act out their favourite book characters.
  • Create a Lego table. Cut a square out of the center of a low table. Tack some netting across the bottom of the hole and fill with Lego pieces. Glue the green Lego base pieces onto the table top that surrounds the center Lego filled net and let the kids go wild building whatever their imaginations desire.
  • Get educational! Educational games and activities are a great way for your child to learn and play at the same time. Visit your local educational toy shop to find a few of these activities.Stock up on a few games that the whole family could join in on. This could be puzzles, UNO, board games and even chess.
  • Be sure to set one rule…NO electronics! You want this space to be a creative room where your children can let their imagination run wild and creativity shine.

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