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Party Games for Kids

Games are an important part of any kid’s party. But when your little one (and of course, you) are attending an average of two kids’ parties a weekend, Pass-the-Parcel and Pin the Tail on the Donkey can begin to lose their appeal.

We’ve put together 5 fun party games for kids which you might find give the ‘staples’ a well-deserved break. What’s more, they’re easily customisable, incredibly cost-effective, and are always a hit with the younger kids.

Pop the Balloon

This game is a great way of ensuring that everyone comes away with a prize of some kind – and it’s guaranteed to encourage a few giggles.

Insert small sweets or toys into balloons before inflating them. At the party, kids can each select a balloon and, on your count,
try to pop them by sitting on them.

No hands allowed!

Bean Bag Toss

Challenge the little ones to throw bean bags into buckets, baskets, hula hoops or specially constructed boards with holes in them. The kids can line up to compete against each other, each receiving three bean bags to throw on their turn.

At the end of the game, their scores can be tallied up and a winner can be named and rewarded. This can also be made into a team game, or the rules can be customised in other ways to suit the age and/or height of the kids at the party.

Go Fish

Children of any age find the challenge of this game greatly exciting – and it’s great for hand-eye co-ordination, too!

Cut out fish-shaped pieces of paper or thin cardboard and secure a paper clip to the front of each of the fish. Then, secure a magnet to the end of ‘fishing rods’ which have been made from string and sticks. Place the fish in a large bowl or bucket.

As a party game, a timer can be set and children can be challenged to catch as many fish as possible within the given time. Prizes can be given to the winners of each round or to the winner of a final round.

Lion’s Lair

This game is particularly helpful if the party is being held indoors and the kids are growing a bit too noisy.

Ask the children to lie on the floor and pretend to be sleeping lions. The aim of the game is to lie as still and as quietly as they can for as long as possible. Appoint someone to try wake the sleepy lions.

Each child that wriggles or makes a noise is out and can join in trying to wake the rest of the lions. The last lion to be woken is the winner.

Follow The Leader

Line the children up behind a leader – possibly an adult to begin with – and request them to walk behind the leader, following their actions.

When the leader turns around, they must all freeze in their positions. Whoever makes the last movement when this happens, is out.

Continue until only one child is left. This child will be the winner.

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