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Swimming Games for Kids

As Summer approaches, the days are getting longer and warmer. This is great news for you and your kids, as games in the swimming pool entertain children for hours! Kids swimming games and activities are fun for everyone and you can get the whole family involved.
Here are some particularly exciting games we think your children will love.
Balloon Toss

This game is played with four or more people. You will need one towel between two children and lots of water balloons.
Divide children into teams and give every pair a towel. They should each grab an end of the towel and pull it reasonably tight. Place a water balloon in the middle of the towel.
On command, have the teams throw water balloons at each other by launching them with their towels. The teams have to catch the water balloons using only their towels and the team with the most water balloons win.
Find a Coin

This is a fantastic game to play in the pool and it also makes a great children’s party game. It gets quite competitive and the kids love racing against their friends to see who finds the coins first.
Throw the coins around an area of the pool that is suitable for your child's swimming abilities.On your word, the kids all jump into the pool and the coin hunt begins! Whoever collects the most coins, wins and each child gets to keep what they have found.
This is a great game for children to practice holding their breaths underwater and building lung capacity.
Pool Volleyball

This is a really interactive game for the whole family and it can accommodate large numbers of people. You don’t have to purchase an inflatable net if you don’t have one. You can put rope across the pool and use that.
Divide into equal teams, and then it is as simple as hitting the ball over the net. The goal is never to let the ball hit the water.
Swimming races

Swimming races are an excellent way to encourage healthy competition amongst your children. You can have races in each category - backstroke, freestyle, doggy paddle and crawl. You can also time each child and by the end of the Summer, you’ll see if their racing time improved. Always be sure to encourage and congratulate your kids on their swimming performance.
If your kids are doing swimming as an extra mural at school, this is a really fun way to get them to train without feeling like they’re having to do ‘homework’.
Noodle Jousting

This is an epic kid’s game! There are always lots of laughs and splashes in this activity! Each child sits on a pool noodle and the aim of the game is to knock the others off and steal their noodles.
This swimming pool game is a definite favourite among kids and often the adults end up joining in on the fun!
Hopefully these kids swimming games have got you excited for an action packed Summer in the pool! With all the fun you’ll be having, don’t forget to lather your kids in sun cream and always be sure you or another adult is present when playing these games in the swimming pool.

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