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Get the kids creative with paint! This is one activity that children of all ages enjoy. Painting activities are a great way for your child to get creative and see what colours they can make by adding different combinations together.
We have put together a few simple painting activities that your kids will love:  

  • 1. Fold a sheet of paper in half and paint a design on to one half of the paper. Fold the sheet of paper and gently press down, open the picture and let it dry. This technique mirrors the image from one side of the paper to the other.
  • 2. Add a little water to your paint to make it runnier than usual. Dip your brush into the paint, hold it above a piece of paper and gently flick the brush letting the paint splatter and drip onto the piece of paper. Get creative and let your kids add as many colours as they like. This may be an activity for outside because it does get quite messy.
  • 3. For this technique, you will need to water down your paint to make it runny. Your kids will need a drinking straw for this activity! Let a few drops of paint fall onto a piece of paper, then using adrinking straw,let your kids blow the paint into all directions across the page. Add as much paint as you like and keep blowing until you are happy with your picture.
  • 4. Finger painting is always a hit! Lay out a selection of colours, make sure you have loads of paper and let your kids use their fingers instead of a paint brush. Be sure to keep a bowl of water and a cloth for your kids to rinse their hands.
  • 5. Let your kids paint the palm of their hands with as many colours as they like and lay their hand down on a piece of paper. Let it dry. Once dried they can draw a face and legs onto the hand print, turning it into a character.
  • 6. Let the kids add a touch of colour to the garden! Forage for a few stones or rocks from the garden, dust off the sand and let your child paint them. They can turn them into rock animals, paint their names or just paint them into decorative pieces for your yard or plant feature.

  • Be sure to lay down some newspaper or plastic sheets before you start with the paint.
  • Make sure your kids are wearing old clothes, it could get messy!

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