School Holiday Activities ·

It’s that time of the year again – school’s out! Wondering what to do with your kids? We have put together a list of activities to help you keep your kids happy and busy this holiday.
  • 1. Do a toy and clothes cleanup and drop off all your unused items at your local children’s home. Get your kids to help choose which toys to give away. This is a great way to clear out toys or clothes that your children have outgrown and also to teach your kids the importance of giving.
  • 2. Get arty and whip out the craft box for an afternoon full of fun. Use this an opportunity to make a few cards for upcoming birthdays or some homemade wrapping paper (using plain brown wrapping paper and printing with your kids’ pictures or handprints for example)
  • 3. Head to the driveway and let your kids get creative with chalk (jumbo chalk is a great option for this). Have a colouring in competition, draw shapes and ask your child to name them, have them lie down on the floor, trace their bodiesand colourthem in. Draw a hopscotch grid and have fun seeing who can keep their balance
  • 4. With the help of your children, prepare snacks, pack a picnic basket and head to your local park. Spend the afternoon looking up at the clouds and playing a few games.
  • 5. Is your child a little bookworm? Visit your local library and checkout a few books for the holidays.
  • 6. Head to the kitchen for an afternoon full of baking. See recipes here.
  • 7. Raining outside? Build a fort in the lounge, make a huge bowl of popcorn and put on your family’sfavourite movie.
  • 8. Play dress up! Make a cape from an old pillowcase cut open down the seam, with a mask made from felt with 2 eye holes cut out.
  • 9. Grab a few pizza bases, a variety of toppings and set up a pizza station for lunch.
  • 10. Plant a vegetable patch or herb garden with your kiddies.
  • 11. Bury a load of dinosaur toys in your garden and have your children dig for fossils. Draw up a map with a few clues and set them out into the garden for their own little adventure.
  • 12. Feeling a bit chilly? Get the braai ready, make a small fire and whip out the marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits for an afternoon of s’mores.
  • 13. Get creative with nature. Find a few different types of leaves and do a leaf rubbing!Simply place each leaf under a sheet of paper, gently rub a pencil across the top of the paper and make an imprint of the leaf’s shape.
  • 14. Have a tea party! Set up a high tea in your dinning room or around your coffee table, dress up like princes or princesses and enjoy an afternoon of tasty treats and tea.

If all else fails, invite over a few friends and let them run wild!
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