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Cousins, neighbours and play dates…the holidays have begun! We have put together a few holiday activities to get the kids off the electronics and having fun.
Balloon dodge ball:

Don’t worry about having your favourite vase breaking – this dodgeball game is played with balloons! Fill loads of balloons with air, divide the children up into teams and let the children throw the balloons at each other. If a balloon touches you, then you’re out!
Musical chairs:

This game is an all-time classic! Place a few chairs in a line or circle (1 less than the number of kids taking part). If you don’t have chairs you could use pillows instead. Put on some fun music, get the kids to go around and around, stop the music and the child who isn’t in a chair or on a pillow – is out! With each round, take away 1 chair.
Draw what I see:

Get two children to sit back to back. Give one child an object and the other child a piece of paper and a pencil or crayon. The child holding the object can’t say what the object is, but they must describe what it looks like to the other child. The other child must then attempt to draw it and the result will depend on how well the object was described. It should be interesting to see what the end results are.
Do the limbo:

Get two kids to hold either end of a stick at chest height. Let the children take turns going under the stick, without bending their knees and leaning as far back as they need to for them to make it under. No hands can touch the floor! This will be easy at first but with each round the stick must be lowered. If you fall or touch the ground with your hands – you are out! Turn up the beat and put on some music that the kids will love.

Put on some of your kids’ favourite songs, turn up the volume and have them dance around until the music stops. When it does, they must freeze in whatever position they find themselves in and if they move they must sit down. Keep going until you left with one with child dancing and crown them the winner!

Playing with puzzles is a great way to keep the kids busy! Put on some calming music, pull out the puzzle boxes and get busy.

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