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It’s important to ensure that your kids are participating in physical activities. Exercise and movement are vital for good health and development. By motivating your child to stay active from a young age, they’re more likely to continue with it through to adulthood.

Your kids need to exercise regularly by and taking part in physical activities. These shouldn’t only include extra murals and school sport. Physical activities for children can be as simple as getting your kids to play outside on the jungle gym. Don’t underestimate how great swinging on the monkey bars and climbing can be.

These simple activities build strength and develop hand-eye coordination. They burn up energy and build muscles. Being physically active also helps develop strong bones and maintain healthy body weight.

With obesity in young children on the rise, physical activities and keeping fit has never been more important.

There are many ways you can motivate your child to keep active. One of the most important ways to teach your kids is to lead by example. When your children see that you care about exercise and healthy eating, they will too. If you go running or swimming, invite your kids to do the same.

Exercising as a family is essential to motivate children to keep fit. Plus it’s the best of both worlds – family time and exercise.

Hikes and Walks

Are fantastic to do as a family. They can be done on weekends away or even day trips out and about. Hiking and walking also develop an appreciation for nature in your children, and these outings have the potential to be very educational.

Bike Riding

Is another great outdoor activity and lots of fun. Cycling is also low-impact. This means it doesn’t cause discomfort or damage to joints. When your children get home from school, instead of letting them sit in front of the television, get them to ride their bikes outside.

Kids need to play and use their imaginations. Playing outside and creating games is an important part of development. It teaches them to think ‘outside of the box.’

School Sports

Are great physical activities for your children to get involved in. Sport teaches them teamwork and builds a comradery with their school mates. They also feel a part of their school, and this gives them a sense of belonging and fitting in.

It’s also important to understand, not all children enjoy or cope with school sports. If your child is insecure and continually battles with a sport, don’t pressure them. Make them try for a reasonable amount of time (a term, or two) and if their struggles continue, encourage them to pursue other activities.

At home

Roller skates, roller blades and skateboards provide brilliant physical workouts. These activities are inclusive, so their brothers, sisters, or friends can join in.

A useful way to find out what your kids enjoy doing is to ask them.

Get them to write a list of all their favourite sports and activities. They will give you an idea of the school sports and extra mural activities to enrol them in.

Motivating your children to take part in physical activities not only helps your kids’ health, but it allows them to discover the world around them and interact with it.

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