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Entertaining kids when the weather’s not good or they’re unwell isn’t always easy. But if you find the right indoor activities for kids, it can be an engaging and rewarding experience for both parent and child.

Here are some fun indoor activity ideas for kids:

Start a mini herb garden

What you’ll need:

  • A sunny windowsill
  • Seeds/Cuttings from leftover herbs
  • Some potting soil
  • An empty egg box

What to do:

  • Step 1: Fill your empty egg box halfway with potting soil
  • Step 2: Take your seeds or cuttings and slowly push them into the soil
  • Step 3: Sprinkle them with a bit of water and finally place it on the windowsill

Your kids will find getting their hands dirty super fun with this easy activity you can do together. Your mini herb garden will not only keep your kids entertained, but it’ll also come in handy when you need that extra sprig of mint to complete a dish!

Making a mini garden

If you’re looking for something a little more playful, another idea is to make a creative mini garden. Children love pretending, from imaginary friends to make believe worlds. This activity is also great for older children, who may need a little more detail to keep them entertained.

What you'll need:

  • Shallow wooden box (about 60cm x 50cm is ideal)
  • Twigs (to make trees)
  • Flowers (to add that pop of colour for the fairies)
  • Shells and pebbles from the beach
  • Beach sand
  • A small terracotta pot

What to do:

  • Step 1: Fill your wooden box with the beach sand
  • Step 2: Scatter your pebbles so that they thinly cover the top of the sand
  • Step 3: Place your larger pebbles in a curve, going from one end of the box to the other
  • Step 4: On either side of your pebble pathway, press in your twigs. (Preferably three together at a time)
  • Step 5: Press your flowers in one corner of the box, so that it looks like a mini forest
  • Step 6: On the other corner, in a semicircle, press in your shells and place a few flowers in the middle
  • Step 7: At one end of your shell pathway, press in your small terracotta pot on its side. Sand should fill it enough to make it stay put. This will make it look like a little cave
  • Step 8: As an extra, you could add little handmade signs made from paper and pipe cleaners

The mini garden is something your child will be able to keep and it’s a great way for them to explore their imagination. There are no rules when it comes to creativity and your child can lay it out according to their imagination.

Indoor gardening activities for your kids is an alternative way to get them engaged in something other than being stuck into technology. By getting them involved from an early age, they are sure to love their newfound green fingers!

If you have more tips and tricks on how to occupy your little one, leave them in the comment section below and they could feature in one of our next articles!

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