Looking for some super easy Easter crafts to keep the kids busy this holiday? ·

1. Pom Pom bunnies are the perfect start to our crafty recommendations. Start by making 2 pom poms (1 large and 1 small). And if you need a “how to”on making the pom poms – here’s a super simple guide http://www.madeeveryday.com/2010/12/pom-poms-a-very-simple-tutorial.html/
Use black beadsfor the bunny’s eyes and a pink bead for the nose then cut pink petal shapes from felt or coloured cardboard for the ears. Glue everything together with little dabs of hot glue.

2. Making your own Easter Candy Jar gifts couldn’t be easier. Using old glass jars or mason jars that have been thoroughly cleaned, fill with Easter treats and then decorate. Use tissue paper or fabric cut offs to decorate the lid or glue lace ribbon or raffia around the jars. Make your own Happy Easter labels and then of course – enjoy the treats!

3. Making sock bunnies is a fun way to while away an afternoon. Start with a pink or grey sock. Half fill the sock with stuffing and then tie a ribbon around the top. Continue to fill the sock with stuffing making a smaller partition for the head. Cut the Top of the Sock down the sides and shape into ears. Glue on some google eyes and a bead for the nose. Cut out 2 small white felt rectangles for the teeth and add an oval white felt cut out for the tummy. (images courtesy of http://apumpkinandaprincess.com/2013/03/sock-bunny-easter-crafts-for-kids.html)

4. Add some Easter decoration with Bunny Tail Bunting. Using the Pom Pom guide from our first activity make 8-10 small poms poms and set aside. Create a bunny silhouette and make 8-10 paper cut outs. Attach your bunny tail pom poms to the cut outs then attach all of them to a length of string and hang. As an alternative – combine bunnies and Easter eggs in your design and alternate them when you hang.

5. Making Air Dry Clay decorations is a fun way to spend an afternoon and we found a great tutorial here: https://thesesmallfinds.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/white-clay-christmas-decorations-diy/ Roll out your white air dry clay so that it's roughly 5 mm thick. Use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes you want to create and then decorate with patterns or paints. A really cool décor idea is to layer a piece of lace over the rolled out clay first, lightly press the lace pattern into the clay and then remove the lace. Then use your cookie cutters to shape the clay. Using the back end of a pencil – press a small hole into the top of the shape and leave to dry. When the shapes have dried, tie a ribbon through the hole and use as gift tags or decorations.

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