“Mom…I’m bored!” – 30 indoor activities to bust boredom ·

It’s never too early to teach your children how to do a few things around the house! Not only does it get them independent, it also takes time off your hands – especially for small tasks they can do themselves.
Here are a few tips on what you can do:
  • 1. Let’s Play dress up. Make a cape from an old pillowcase cut open down the seam, with a mask made from felt with 2 eye holes cut out.
  • 2. Get colouring with crayons/pencils and colouring books.
  • 3. Snakes &Ladders anyone? Pull out the board games and take on the parents!
  • 4. Play with bubbles.
  • 5. You hide, I will seek – this has to be every child’s favourite!
  • 6. Try learning a few magic tricks. YouTube has loads of Magic tutorials for kids to watch. (insert a link)
  • 7. Chill out with a book…or two.
  • 8. Make a tent in the lounge, get the popcorn ready– lets watch a movie!
  • 9. Line up the teddy bears and have a tea party (don’t forget your favourite Tea4Kids flavour)
  • 10. Who will be Baker Baker today? Head to the kitchen – let’s get baking! Check out a few of our kid’s recipes, our Tea4Kidz Peach & Apricot Jelly is a hit!
  • 11. Put on the aprons and get the kids involved in making dinner.
  • 12. Weather a bit iffy? Have an indoor picnic.
  • 13. Hide a few toys and have them find them – like a scavenger hunt.
  • 14. Enjoy a pamper session with a homemade facemask made from plain yoghurt and honey.
  • 15. Bring out the brushes and play hairdresser. Let the kids funk up mom’s hair for the afternoon!
  • 16. Play charades and have your kids act out their favourite book character or TV show.
  • 17. Experiment with science.
  • 18. Do the kids love to sing?Find their favourite songs on YouTube and have a karaoke battle!
  • 19. How about musical statues – dance till the music stops then stand dead still – if you move, you are out!
  • 20. Let’s get old school - make a home-made walkie talkie with string and two cups.
  • 21. Get creative with paint and let the kids paint fun patterns on rocks.
  • 22. Make homemade slime.
  • 23. Make macaroni jewelry by painting macaroni and stringing them together.
  • 24. Have any old boxes lying around? Get creative and build castles or get the kids to make a robot using all the junk they can find.
  • 25. Got a few empty bottles? Full them up half way with water, put the lid on, line them up in the passage and play indoor tenpin.
  • 26. Play a pirate game. Hide some “treasure”, make a map with some clues and send them off on an adventure.
  • 27. Turn your home into an obstacle course. Build obstacles using pillows and chairs and set up activity stations with jump rope or activities like star jumps.
  • 28. Get out the craft box and get creative.
  • 29. Make a sock puppet.
  • 30. Make shaving cream paint. Separate some shaving cream into bowls and add a drop of different coloured food colouring in each one. This is perfect for bath time because it can just be rinsed away.

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