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After a long week of work, we all look forward to kicking back and relaxing on the weekend. This often means spending some quality family time together. Sure, being spontaneous is fabulous, but a little pre-planning can sometimes prove to be even better.
The Great Outdoors

Now that Spring is here and Summer is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. Do a little research online or in your local newspaper as to what you have available close by, in terms of conservancies, nature trails, and picnic spots. Depending on the ages and physical abilities of your children, you can plan or book a lovely nature walk, trail cycle, or picnic. Remember to check out the weather forecast in your area too, before you book these activities.
Then, you can pack up your takkies, bicycles, picnic blanket and some snacks, and head out for a glorious dose of Mother Nature. Don’t forget to help your child enjoy nature by ensuring the trail you choose is not too difficult or strenuous. An easier trail will also give them time to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells around them. If you have binoculars, a bird book or insect net, you can bring it along too, and help your child identify birds, flowers, trees, and insects. Your family will return home tired and happy after a wonderful, nature experience.
Camping is another way to have loads of fun and introduce your child to the wonders of sleeping outdoors. You can find a camp site near you and book your spot, or even camp at home in the garden. Set up your tent and enjoy the wonders of watching the sunset, cooking on a fire (provided the fire is in a safe enclosed area of the garden), listening to the sounds of the wild in the evening, and snuggling up in a sleeping bag. Even if your child is a little young to sleep outdoors all night, you can have a ‘mini-campout’ in the garden until bed time, and then retreat to the comforts of home, until they are old enough for the full-on camping experience.

Who Says Staying at Home is Boring?
There are so many things you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home, especially if those Spring showers are making the weather a little too damp for comfort.
Movie Night

Chose a movie that your child might not ordinarily watch, such as an old classic starring Laurel and Hardy, or Shirley Temple. Get some popcorn and let the lovely aroma waft through your home. When the snacks and treats are ready, dim the lights and enjoy the movie together.
Games Night

Playing games together creates teamwork, a healthy sense of competition, and a lot of fun. You’ll need to find games that are perfect for your child’s developmental stage that keep them riveted and raring to play! This could include card games like UNO or SNAP, Junior Monopoly, Junior Pictionary, I spy, or hangman if your child has already learned to read. With some of these, you’ll get to enjoy the hilarity of childhood innocence!

Out and About

Check out what your local neighbourhood has to offer and take advantage of it! This could be a petting zoo, aquarium, or science museum for a lovely family day out. Other options include visiting your local fire station, where there are often tours and demonstrations for children, and even a ride in the fire engine! Keeping an eye on what is happening in your town can really pay off as there might be a visiting play, circus or festival that will be just the ticket to make your weekend with the family extra special.

How do you like to spend quality time with your family? We’d love to hear what you get up to on the weekends!.


Weekends are for special family bonding. Here are a few ideas for the whole family.

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