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The pitter patter of little feet is nearing and the excitement that comes with it is something everyone can enjoy! One of the many awesome milestones in baby development is finding out the gender of your latest addition to the family - whether it's your first baby or your fourth, it’s always exciting. If you're looking for a different way to get everyone in on the excitement but aren't quite sure where to start, take a look at these ideas to give you some inspiration.
Along with the excitement of revealing the baby’s gender, an additional benefit of hosting a gender reveal party is that it’s an opportunity for expecting parents to receive baby advice from loved ones who have been through the topsy-turvy world of parenthood before. It makes the journey a little less scary and a little more comforting, something any parent can use. Ask guests to write their gender guess in a special book when they arrive, along with a piece of advice for the parents-to-be.
1) Balloons in a box

You will need: 1. A large box 2. Helium balloons 3. Wrapping paper
Method: Fill your box with either pink or blue balloons depending on the gender. Wrap the box and then open the box and release the balloons in front of your guests, for the big reveal. The excitement is inexplicable!
2) Surprise cake center

You will need: 1. A cake mix 2. Food colouring
Method: Make your batter using a regular cake mix. Take a small portion of it out and place it in a smaller bowl. Drop a little food colouring into the bowl and stir. Pour the batter from the bigger bowl into a cake tin and then slowly pour the batter from the small bowl into the center. Place in the oven until fully baked. Once it has cooled, you can now ice it with a plain white icing and wait for your guests to arrive so you can cut it. It’s both delicious and exciting!
3) Pinata surprise

You will need: 1. A pinata 2. Pink or blue candy
Method: Fill your pinata with candy wrapped in either pink or blue wrapping, depending on the gender of your little one. Have your guests take turns at hitting the pinata until all the candy falls out. Guests will love being a part of this process and there’s the added bonus of something yummy for them to snack on too!
4) Confetti balloons

You will need: 1. White balloons 2. A funnel 3. 1 Chopstick 4. Pink or blue confetti 5. A pin
Method: First the confetti balloons: The funnel makes this whole process easier because it gets your confetti into the balloon with a limited amount of mess. Attach the opening of your balloon onto the bottom part of the funnel and once it’s secure, pour in either pink or blue confetti. Then you’re going to push the confetti down with a chopstick, and once that’s done, your balloon is ready to be filled with air! When your party starts, have your guests hold a balloon and on the count of three, everyone pops them and watches the confetti rain down.
5) Style my baby

You will need: 1. Boy/Girl clothing 2. Different boxes 3. Gift wrap
Method: Reveal the gender of your baby by having guests piece together an outfit, it’s a different yet awesome way to get everyone in on the fun! Have people unwrap the individual boxes one by one, with each box containing a different item of clothing. Once everyone has taken the clothing out of the packaging, put it together to give them the answer and let the celebration begin.
6) Piece the puzzle

You will need 1. Alphabet blocks
Method: Let's exercise those brain muscles and use a guessing game to announce the gender. Using these wooden alphabet blocks, make a sentence revealing the gender of your baby. Mix the blocks up and once your guests arrive, they can unscramble them to find the answer.
7) The envelope parcel

You will need 1. An envelope 2. Boxes of different sizes
Method: Add a touch of nostalgia to your party by using the pass the parcel game everyone played as a kid to announce the gender of your new arrival. First, place an envelope with the answer inside, in a small box. Pop that box in another one that's slightly bigger and repeat the process until you have one big exciting parcel. Pass it around and have your guests open it one at a time until they get to the envelope.
8) Goodie bag guesses

You will need 1. Gift bags of a neutral colour. 2. Party favours 3. Tissue paper
Method: Gift bags are always a nice take away for your guests, and it's also an awesome way to announce your little one's gender. Theme the contents of your gift bags to represent the gender of your baby, for example, pink goodies for a girl or blue for a boy. Top the bag with white tissue paper and during the party, have your guests open it and discover what you're having.
9) Fruity fun

You will need:
1. Strawberries (for girls) or blueberries (for boys)
2. Plain yoghurt
Method: Yummy treats and the excitement of a new baby are a perfect combination. Dip the fruit that matches the gender of your baby in the yoghurt and place it in the freezer an hour before your party to harden. Take them out once your guests have arrived, lay them on a tray and once they bite into it, the gender is revealed!
10) Write it in a poem

You will need:
1. Paper
2. Pens
3. Your imagination
Method: If you’re feeling a little more creative, come up with a cute and quirky riddle that's unique to your little family. Have your guests read it to you and watch the excitement unfold once they figure out the answer! You can then frame it to make a sweet keepsake.

Coming up with different ways to announce the arrival and gender of your little one is all part of the exciting journey of becoming a parent, and there are many ways to get your loved ones in on the fun. These gender reveal party ideas are just a few ideas to help you get started. Tell us what you think of them or if you have any ideas of your own in the comments below!

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