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Food Pyramid for Kids

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

C.S. Lewis

I couldn’t agree more, especially if we’re talking Rooibos.

All three of my boys have been drinking Rooibos since birth – I’m not sure where it fits into the food pyramid for kids (if you’re a South African family, probably right near the top!) – but it’s good for their tummies, sleeping habits and even helps stabilise moods.
Terrible twos, am I right?
Speaking of the food pyramid for kids, do you remember being taught this in school? I’ll refresh your memory.
It was a tool used to promote healthy eating, and it showed you what quantities of the five food groups you should eat every day.
It’s actually easier to visualise it as a plate instead of a pyramid. Something like this:
One of the ways that you can help your children make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition, is to eliminate sweet, fizzy drinks, and replace them with healthier beverages, like the Laager Tea4Kidz range.
It comes in a couple of variants – my boys really liked the Strawberry-flavoured Rooibos. We don’t even add sugar to it; it’s naturally sweet. The new packaging makes it easy to spot on shelves, and Laager Tea4Kidz Rooibos isn’t too badly priced either.
There are 40 teabags in a pack, and it’s nice and strong. With two boys in the house, each drinking about three cups of Rooibos a day (in their special Ben 10 mugs) you could say that the Lionhearts are big on their tea. Give the Laager Tea4Kidz range a try and let me know!

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