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Child development should be a key priority for parents wanting to raise happy, healthy and balanced children. Although this is easier said than done, encouraging your child to set and stick to New Year’s resolutions could positively impact their self-esteem.

Help your child make 2016 the best year yet by trying some of these fun activities:

Get them to fill out a declaration with resolutions on. This involves them completing a few sentences that describe what they would like to achieve in 2016. This includes sentences like, “this year I really want to…”, “I really need to…”, “I would like to be better at…”, “I want to learn how to…” Getting them to sign the declaration also helps your kids to understand the commitment they are making, adding to their sense of responsibility! For a free printable version, visit this site:
Get them to make a dream board. Grab an A3 piece of paper and give them a whole bunch of magazines, some markers and glue. Get them to write down 12 things they would like to accomplish in 2016 and stick relevant pictures and words beside each one. This serves as a positive self-fulfilling prophecy for your child. They will also feel more supported having you oversee the project as it will come across as you spurring them on to reach their dreams.

Get them to set academic, sporting or cultural goals at school. Goals at school are important as they encourage your child to foster a healthy mindset when it comes to school-related activities. Find a way to incentivise your children without dangling material goods as a reward. Reward them with experiences and activities. For example, if your child gets a good result on a test, they can have a picnic at home with their school friends.

More4Momz believes that New Year’s resolutions are not just for adults. For more information, helpful hints and tips on creating happy, healthy children visit our website,

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