Tips to keep your kids active ·

It’s important to ensure that your kids are participating in physical activities. Exercise and daily movement are vital for your child’s health and development. By motivating your child to stay active from a young age, they’re more likely to continue with it through to adulthood!
When your child is active, their bodies can do the things they want and need them to do! Regular exercise helps give your child strong muscles and bones, maintain a healthy weight, sleep better, and decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

We have put together a few tips to help get your kiddies moving:

  1. Not all children enjoy participating in group sports such as soccer or baseball. So why not look for other activities that your child will enjoy? Dancing, swimmingor martial arts are great activities to get your kiddies moving.
  2. Join in on the fun - kids love it when parents get involved! Go for a hike, ride bikes along the promenade or go for a swim at your local pool.
  3. Make it fun! If you’re heading to the swimming pool, take along a few toys, throw them into the pool and let them sink to the bottom. Make it a competition and whoever can pick up the most toys wins.
  4. Arrange a play date for your kids over the weekend. Keeping them busy on the weekends with a friend over gets them off their electronics and active outside.
  5. Have you consideredadopting a pet? Not only is it a great opportunity to teach your children responsibility, it can also be a fun way to keep them active.

Keep your kids active at home:

  1. Try at home bowling! Set up a pyramid of plastic cups and use a tennis ball or soccer ball and have your kids try and knock them down.
  2. Make gardening fun for the whole family! This is a great way to get your kids outside and active. Corner off a small section in your garden to plant a few vegetable seedlings, create a flower garden or build a rock feature.
  3. Stuck inside all day? Try keeping a balloon off the floor! Turn it into a game to see how long you can keep the balloon in the air without it touching the floor.
  4. Play a hula hoop game. Make sure you have enough space so that you don’t knock anything over and let’s see who can hula for the longest.
  5. Dust off your dancing shoes! Children love listening to music, so why not turn it in to a fun game? Play music with an upbeat tempo, gather everyone together and have a dance battle.

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