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Food Pyramid For Kids

It has been scientifically proven that kids who eat properly are more attentive in school, more physically fit, and have more energy than those who don’t. It is no secret that getting a child to eat the right foods can be tough! Promote healthy eating habits by preparing meals for kids that contribute to this.

Believe me, as a mom of two – I know!

Making smart nutritional choices during childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits and help kids grow up to their full potential. Most babies begin their food journey with pureed fruits and vegetables.

It is only when we start offering processed food full of sugar, salt and artificial flavors that they no longer want to eat the healthy options. If you continue only offering great healthy food, they will continue to eat it. It is tough to compete with food that has been designed to be addictive.

Start early

Even before your child takes his first bite of solid food, you can establish taste preferences. Begin early, with each and every meal choice. Show your kids that eating healthy is the norm. According to studies, infants have a taste for sweet and salty things. If they’re given sugary drinks and other unhealthy foods early on, they’ll be more prone to obesity later in life.

Offer a variety of nutritious choices

Kids who are offered a variety of fruits and vegetables every day are going to be more likely to choose these items when they are away from home.

Don’t give up if they reject your healthy food attempts

Even if your child rejects healthy foods, repeated exposure will encourage a child to eventually incorporate them into his or her routine

Practice what you preach

Children’s lifetime habits come largely from the daily choices they see their parents make. Children see their parents as role models and are more likely to choose healthy foods if their parents eat healthy.

Food Pyramid For Kids – How And What They Should Be Eating:

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