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With a new school year around the corner it’s time to get into the back to school spirit! Stationery, uniforms and even lunchbox contents, the list appears to be endless and expensive. At More4Momz we like to make your job a little easier by giving you the info and tools that you need. Here’s a list of tips for parents and a handy checklist to make this back to school season the most successful one yet.
Be uniform-savvy

Check out your child’s school wardrobe and see which items need replacing. Check which items do not need to be immediately replaced but will need to be bought within the next six months. This will give you a chance to budget for these items.
School supplies

Most schools give you a list of stationery required for the grade that your child is going to. Remember that some items are not absolutely necessary. Buying every single item is a costly exercise, but by buying what is absolutely essential, you can avoid these extra costs. If you’re unsure of which items are essential, check with the school secretary or your child’s teacher.
A fun water bottle

This one may seem a little odd but when it comes to choosing drinks at school, juice tends to trump water. By getting your child a fun and exciting water bottle, they will be more inclined to drink water at school. Adding pieces of fruit to the water may also help to add flavour to the water. Make sure that the fruit is cut up finely so that it’s not a choking hazard.
Pocket tissues

These are self-explanatory but little pocket packs of tissues are great for spills and snotty noses at school.
A cooler bag for lunches

Some forms of food poisoning can stem from food being stored at incorrect temperatures. A cooler bag for your child’s lunch can limit the chances of this happening. Cooler bags also prevent your child’s lunch from spilling all over the contents of their school bag. Having them remember to bring them home however, is another story…
Healthy snacks

Whilst buying them is easier, making your own is far more rewarding. This allows you to involve your kids in making them, and also control what goes into them. Check out our website for a few ideas…
More4Momz wants to help make the beginning of a new school year a little less stressful for you and a lot more fun for your little ones. For more hints, tips and back to school secrets visit our website
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