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Christmas is just around the corner. Are your frantically trying to get everything in order? Not to worry, we’re here to help you ensure that you have everything covered with these Christmas tips for moms.
Christmas decorations
Christmas tips for moms - Decorations
Second only to food is Christmas décor. It’s a make or break factor for any party. Try these easy décor hacks to make your Christmas merrier than ever before:
  • Use Christmas tree decorations creatively. Drape or hang baubles and tinsel (or any other decoration you like) from hanging light fixtures for a colourful Christmas chandelier.
  • If you’re making gingerbread cookies why not make extra to use as décor? You can slice holes in them, thread ribbon through the hole and hang them up as a garland.
  • Once you’re done with decorations, make sure you stash them away for safe keeping. Keep your Christmas lights from twisting together - wrap them around hangers.
Christmas tips for moms - Gifting
If you’re not the world’s most amazing gift wrapper, don’t despair. With these tips, we’ve got you covered:
  • Baking cookies as gifts? Don’t spend a cent on glass jars. Instead, use the empty containers of cling wrap or foil rolls. Simply cover them in the wrapping of your choice and you’re done!
  • If wrapping presents isn’t your forte, we’ve got the next best thing: Stacked chocolate candy cane sleighs. Simply stack chocolate blocks on top of one another, tie together with ribbon and attach candy canes below the stacks to look like a sleigh.
  • Stack red and white playdough in layers in clean jam jars for quick and easy stocking stuffers that look like candy canes.
Christmas tips for moms - Food

  • Add a little festive flair to your hot chocolate! Lather whipped cream onto wax wrap, freeze and then use a cookie cutter to create fun marshmallow shapes.
  • Keep ice cream cool without it becoming too hard to scoop by storing it in a Ziploc bag. When you take it out it’ll be soft and ready to serve.
  • Sprinkle Christmas cookies, ice cream and chocolate puddings with candy cane dust. It’s easy to make and adds to the cheerful atmosphere. Simply place a few candy canes into a food mixer and blitz until it is fine dust.
Christmas Day
Christmas Day - tips

  • Use candy canes as place holders - they’re cheap and easy to assemble. For each place holder tie three candy canes together back to back with the curved part jutting out. The curved part of each candy cane should be at a 60 degree angle from one another. Slot the name card between two of the curved pieces.
  • Wrap or decorate a brown box for Christmas day. It’s the perfect place to put wrapping paper in as you open presents.
  • Add some festive cheer to your table without blowing the budget. If you’ve got a real Christmas tree cut branches from your tree and place into a vase for easy table decor.
For the little ones
Little ones during Christmas

  • Set up Pin the Nose on the Reindeer for the little ones. It’s easy to make: simply print a reindeer face and paste it onto an old bulletin board or cardboard box. Print and cut out a few red reindeer noses. Blind fold kids and get them to see if they can stick the nose on the right spot on the reindeer’s face.
  • Make cookies with your kids during the Christmas holidays. It’ll keep them busy and you can use the biscuits as gifts. When they ice the biscuits be sure to put the icing into condiment bottes with nozzles. They way these bottles squeeze means they’re easy to use for biscuit decorations!
  • Give kids something fun to drink while you’re sipping on champagne. Add some green sherbet to sprite and they’ve got a festive, fizzy punch.

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