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The season of giving can often end up costing a small fortune. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We’ll show you how to make the holidays merry and save money this Christmas with these eight easy-to-implement tips.

Step 1: Get organised

save money for chrismas by geting organised
Work out how much you can spend on Christmas presents this year. Create a list of everyone you need to buy presents for and allocate them a budget. Remember to include the domestic worker, family friends and anyone else you may wish to give to. From here you can jot down some ideas on what to get them.

Step 2: How about Secret Santa?

childrens secret santa
If you have a large group of friends it can be time consuming and costly to shop for all of them. Chat to your group and suggest you all do Secret Santa this year. So, you’ll each only have to purchase one gift, instead of a whole bunch. Chances are, your friends are probably in the same boat and would appreciate saving the extra cash too.

Step 3: Avoid overspending on food

dont over spend on Food - turkey
When last did you attend a Christmas party where there wasn’t enough food to go round? The truth is, most people think it’s better to have too much than too little when. If it’s your turn to host, make sure you get it just right with the help of this party portion calculator

Step 4: Stick to the booze budget

drinking budget during the festive season
Instead of going to your usual liquor store, do some research on what competitors pricing is like. Christmas specials will also be a dime a dozen during December, so stock up on the most reasonably priced booze. Though, this may mean you have to buy from more than one liquor store.

Step 5: Get creative

handmade creative festive gifts
Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Instructables, DIY has become more accessible than ever before. It might cost you a bit more time but you end up saving a fair amount of money in the long run. The best part about DIY Christmas gifting is that you get to avoid the mall altogether!

Step 6: Sell and save

Sell and save during the festive season
If you find that you’ve got clothes, furniture or any other valuables that are gathering dust, sell them online. It’s a quick and easy way to get a little extra for Christmas gifts if you’re feeling a tad strapped for cash.

Some advice for next Christmas…

Step 7: Save, save, save...

save for chrismas
Paying off credit card bills ends up costing you so much more over time. So, why not save yourself the heartache and put some money aside for presents from January? Cut back on the occasional lunch or dinner and soon enough you’ll have a small sum saved up.

Step 8: Shop before December

shop before chrismas
The best way to avoid budget-crushing Christmas shopping is to do it gradually, throughout the year. You’ll end up having to budget a little extra each month but it’ll save you having to spend a whole lot in one go. You might even find something on special that’s well-suited to a friend or family member. It also gives you time to peruse the aisles before the Christmas rush. Nobody should have to go shopping on the 24th of December!
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