Get the Kids off the electronics ·

Did you know, on average children spend up to 2 hours and 19 minutes a day on an electronic device? How much time does your child spend watching TV, playing console games or watching movies on their tablets or phone?

We have put together a few tips to help you get your children active and off their electronics:

  • Head into the garden and let your children run wild! Take a soccer ball or a bat and ball. Not only does this get them off their electronics but it also gets them out the house, activeand will even help improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Get rid of “electronic time” as a reward for good behaviour. Instead, set a limit on how much time your children spend on these devices. Find another way to reward your child that doesn’t involve being behind a screen. This could be a trip to the park, a family game (board games) night or even a fun DIY craft.
  • Play interactive games and activities with your children. There are so many games that you can play that don’t involve an electronic device. Think back to the games you played as a child and share them with your children. When last did you play a board game, hopscotch, tag, or build a fort? Set aside time to play games that involve the entire family.
  • Don’t use electronics as a distraction!It’s very easy to turn on the TV or hand your child a device to distract them while you’rebusy. Instead, why not hand them an age appropriate book to read, a colouring in or activities book or even a toy. If you’re busy doing chores, get the kids involved and encourage them to help you clean up around the house.
  • Don’t put the TV on unless you’re sitting down to watch a family movie. Many people use the TV as background noise, especially during homework time and while eating dinner! Why not put on the radio or create a playlist with songs that everyone loves and can enjoy.Instead of having dinner in front of the TV, turn it off and find out how everyone’s day was.

It’s important to model the behaviour you want your children to follow.Spending time off electronics shows your children that they don’t need to rely on them as a form of entertainment.
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