Traveling with kids ·

The school holidays are upon us and like many families, going on a trip is on the cards. The trick is to make travelling as fun and exciting as possible.We all know that travelling with kids can be tough which is why we have put together a few tips to get you prepared and ready to hit the road.
  1. Always pre-plan your trip. Make sure you know exactly what you want to pack for each child. Pack a travel bag with a few of your kid’s favourite books and toys.
  2. Don’t forget the snacks!Pack more than you think you will need just in case. It’s always a good idea topackspill proof containers and juice bottles - spilling is bound to happen on a road trip! Try to avoid too many sugary snacks and make sure you have packed some fruit and water for your trip.
  3. Does your child love to colour? Pack a plastic tray or cutting board – this comes in handy and can act as a table for your child to press on when they would like to do some colouring in.
  4. Pack the electronics! A portable DVD player or a tablet with preloaded movies and games is also a great way to keep your kids occupied on your trip. Make sure you have packed the chargers.
  5. Do some research on the route you will be travelling and pre-plan a few stops along the way that your family may find interesting. This is a great way to stretch your legs and keep your kids occupied.
  6. Make a “mixed tape” with sing-along songs that your family will enjoy. These can be preloaded onto a portable USB.
  7. Play interactive games in the car. “I spy with my little eye” is always a hit with the kids!

You want to make the trip as comfortable as you possibly can for you and your kids. With these helpful tips in mind we are sure that everyone will be happy and smiling when you arrive at your destination.
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