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The festive season is synonymous with family vacations! Not only are these a great way to make the most out of school holidays and year-end leave, but it also makes for great quality time together as a family. Whether you are going local or abroad, family travels can be stressful, especially if you have little ones!

Here are a few travel tips for Christmas that could make your holiday a little more memorable:

Plan realistically

Don’t try to cram too many activities into your itinerary. Remember that your little ones will get tired rather quickly if you are rushing between places. A tired child is a grumpy one, so factor in nap times if you have small children accustomed to sleeping during the day.

Do your research

When it comes to the places you want to stay in or visit, check whether they have child-friendly facilities before you leave on your trip. This will ensures that you and your family have a pleasant experience. Check ahead of time whether the restaurants that you are eating at have kiddies’ menus, as you don’t want to make a reservation only to discover that your children must eat off of a fine-dining adults’ menu.

Discuss your interests as a family

Before planning a trip, it helps to sit down as a family and talk about what kinds of places and activities are of interest to each person. This is helpful if you have older children, so you can organise a holiday that includes the interests of everyone and not just one or two members of the family. Should there be too many options, put it to a family vote with mom and dad having the final say.

Set a budget

When it comes to travel tips for Christmas, this one is a must. In today’s economic climate, family holidays are considered a luxury. Careful planning from a budgeting point of view can mean the difference between going away and staying home. Consider all aspects of the holiday, from the type of accommodation you book, to your mode of transport, to the activities that you plan for your trip. For example, booking self-catering accommodation rather than hotels or B&B’s is a great way to cut costs, as well as driving to your destination versus flying.

Family Road Trips
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Be pack savvy!

When it comes to packing smart for your children, it often seems like an overwhelming task. Select separates that match so that if a pair of shorts gets dirty or spilt on, you have another pair of bottoms that can be worn. Encourage your little ones to choose their clothes to hone their travel and packing skills. This will also make them feel more involved in the process and will limit complaints about which clothes are packed. Also ensure that you pack what is needed first at the top of your bag so that when you arrive at your destination in the evening, your children’s’ pyjamas are not at the bottom of your suitcase.

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Keep an eye out for deals

When booking holidays or accommodation, there are many deal websites that offer great discounts on vacations. Staying over on a Sunday is also a good way to cut costs as a Sunday night is often cheaper because accommodation is often emptier.

Capture your memories

Make sure you pack a camera with fully charged batteries so that you can take lots of pictures to remember your trip by! Or if you’re taking pictures on your phone or tablet, make sure that you charge it overnight so it’s fully charged when you head out for the day’s activities.

Capture your memories

At More4Momz, we like to make your family holidays a little less stressful. For more exciting tips, tricks and activities that you can do with your little ones on holiday, visit www.more4momz.com

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