This is a fun way learning through play way to create an art work with little or no help from an adult.
  1. Collect and save your used Tea4Kidz tea bags for this activity.
  2. Place about five tea bags in a small tray of shallow cold, or if you wish warm water.
  3. Place a sheet of paper, A4 size or bigger, before your child.
  4. Place the tray of teabags in a central position in front of the paper.
  5. Demonstrate how to take a teabag and squeeze the water onto the page.
  6. Invite your child to do the same.  Repeat with all the bags provided.
  7. Your child may use both hands to squeeze the bag or they may choose to use one hand.  For an older child, you may like to mention “I see you are using your right/ left hand.”NOTE: The central position of the tray of tea bags enables them to choose either hand freely.
  8. They may also stamp or smear the teabags across the page.  Encourage free expression and experimentation.
  9. Allow the child to do more than one painting, if he/she so chooses.
  10. Hang the painting to dry, or dry it flat and display for all to see.

The learning opportunities include:

  • Talking about how the tea bags feel – wet, cold, warm, rough, smooth, heavy, light, soft, hard –invites activities with many tactile and language experiences.
  • Talking about the colour of the tea bags – and the lighter colour of the water on the page.
  • The shape of the tea bag when it is flat. What can you see in this room that also has this shape? Is this tea bag bigger or smaller than one tea bag?
  • Count the bags after they have been squeezed, returning them to the tray as you count. You could encourage simple numeracy exercises. For example: Add one more tea bag to your tray. Now how many tea bags do you have?Now take 2 tea bags away. How many tea bags do you have left on the tray? The possibilities of learning through play are endless.
  • Language is developed when the child experiences what it is to “squeeze” the tea bag. Ask: What else do we squeeze? Think of examples your child will be familiar with. Perhaps the tube of toothpaste, the tube of hand cream, the shampoo bottle, etc.
  • This activity encourages free expression as your child may stamp or smear the water using the tea bag. Creativity is encouraged.
  • Squeezing the tea bag is good for fine motor muscle development in the hands.
  • Left or right hand dominance may be observed.  It is not necessary to influence this in any way.   At this age, both hands may be used.
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