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Everyone has their theories, for some it’s the old wives’ tales and for others, it’s the “sudden” weight gain. How can you tell if you might be pregnant? Of course you’ll need a home pregnancy test and blood tests to be sure, but until you can do these what tell-tale signs should you look for? Well, as much as we don’t claim to be doctors, here are some common signs of pregnancy:
Sore breasts

You know the drill, the dull aching sensation in your breasts that makes you want to yelp each time you or anyone else touches them. Tender and heavy breasts are often one of the early signs of pregnancy! Look out for slightly darker areolas as well.
Shortness of breath

Maybe you’re not as unfit as you think you are… you’re just pregnant! This happens because the growing foetus needs oxygen and takes some from you.
Frequent trips to wee

Finding it tough to sleep through the night without waking up to use the bathroom? You may be preggers! This happens because your body produces more fluids during pregnancy, making your bladder work even harder.
Sudden cravings or loss of interest in certain foods

Loving apples all of sudden and can’t stand the smell of eggs? You may be pregnant!
Bloating and constipation

Struggling to go to the bathroom or finding that your clothes are fitting a little tighter than usual? The progesterone released during pregnancy tends to make you puff out a little.
Mood fluctuations aka mood swings

Getting a tad worked up over little things? The changes in hormone levels during pregnancy could be to blame.
Heightened sense of smell

Feel like you could work for customs and border security with your newfound sense of smell? You may just have a bun in the oven…
Dizzy spells

The low blood pressure that comes with being pregnant can often make you feel a little lightheaded... A late period. Some of the other symptoms like cramps, headaches, tiredness and mood swings could be linked to PMS but a late cycle is not.
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