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About Renee LightON

Renee Lighton is a wife, mom, educational consultant, author, speaker, qualified life coach and Trained Demartini Method Facilitator with a passion for lifelong education!

Her qualifications include a BA and Diplomas in Specialised Education; Foundation Phase and Montessori Pre-Primary education.


Tea4Kidz & LightON education partnership

At Tea4Kidz we believe in the importance of education and connecting with our children through play – that is why we have partnered with Renee who understands the importance of connecting with your children by utilising everyday objects around your house.


Cards are simple, inexpensive ways to learn through play with your child.

Let’s Get Ready eBook is a fun interactive book of card game ideas for parents to use.
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Tea4Kidz and LightOn Education share positive parenting tips on learning through play

With home-schooling now a daily routine for most children countrywide, there is a lot of pressure on parents and teachers to come up with innovative learning techniques that don’t require vast resources and preparation time. As an organisation committed to Early Childhood Development (ECD), Tea4Kidz andRenee Lighton of LightOn Educationhave compiled a series of Tea4Kidz Positive Parenting Sessions offering practical tips and advice.

“Tea4Kidz has been involved in a number of free ECD workshops in collaboration with renowned author and educationalist, Renee Lighton, as a way to empower parents, teachers and caregivers with valuable tools for improved education,”explained Candice Sessions, Marketing Manager of Tea4Kidz.

“Tea4Kidz has always been driven by the mission to empower and encourage parents through healthy products, and informative ideas and tips. With the need for physical distancing, as well as the considerable pressure parents and teachers are under, we have found an innovative way to continue inspiring those looking after young children with easily accessible, fun-to-use ideas during this time. These Tea4Kidz Positive Parenting Sessions will be freely available on our Tea4Kidz YouTube channel, providing quick but valuable learning guidance.”

Renee Lighton is an educational consultant, author, speaker, life coach, founder of LightOn Education and a mother. She is passionate about providing tools to support learning through play in the home and wants to share the message: ‘You are enough. You have enough. You have got this!’

“As a mom and educator, I have always loved and valued the learning through play
approach,” explained Renee. “This way of learning, combined with the mindset that I’m in business for ‘me’ and ‘we’,allows me to add value in ways that combine my foundation in education, with a
commitment to personal growth and transformation.”

Commenting on the Tea4Kidz Positive Parenting Series, Renee said parents could expect short, practical ideas, tips and toolsusing the‘KISSES’ approach. This means:

Engaging, and

“These little ‘KISSES’ are little messages which are easy to wire and inspire, and flow from
me to the Tea4Kidz community,” said Renee.