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We recently came across a challenge set by a local school as an alternative to homework. To say we loved it would be an understatement. Instead of setting homework for the children, for an entire term they challenged moms and dads to homework with a difference. Each night the children had to complete 3 tasks - one of which had to be reading (either self-reading or being read to). The rest of the tasks went something like this.

  • Lay the table for dinner
  • Clear the table after dinner
  • Help pack the dishwasher or help mum wash and dry the dishes after dinner
  • Make mom or dad a cup of tea when they get home from work
  • Help mom or dad unpack the dishwasher and pack away the dishes
  • Phone Granny & Grandad and tell them about your day
  • Write a note to your brother or sister telling them 3 things you love about them
  • Make your own bed in the morning
  • Go through old toys and choose 3 to give to a charity or a child less fortunate than yourself
  • Go through your wardrobe and take out items you no longer wear or that no longer fit you so that you can donate them to a local charity
  • Pack an extra sandwich in your school lunch for someone who you have noticed misses lunch.
  • Feed your pets before school
  • Take your pets for a walk after school
  • Help mom or dad water the garden in the evening
  • Help mom make dinner – peel the potatoes & carrots or make the salad.
  • Help fold up the dry washing
  • Make your bed before school in the morning
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor
  • Lay out your school uniform before you go to bed and make sure everything you need for the next day is ready to avoid a rush in the morning.
  • Ask mom if you can help her make your school lunch
  • Read an article from your local newspaper and tell mom and dad what you read about.
  • Give up TV one night a week – instead do a puzzle together or play a board game
  • Tell mom and dad 3 good things and 3 not so good things that happened in your day
  • Play the numbers game (ask mom to choose a number between 1-50. Then guess what the number was with mom saying hotter or colder the nearer or further away you are until you guess the exact number)
  • Play the alphabet game – work through the alphabet naming words from with each letter of the alphabet ( fruit / vegetables / colours / places etc)

Whilst kids might see this as a fun alternative to the drudgery of homework, most of the things on the list are general life skills and easy to implement in any home. Why not give it a try yourself this week?

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