Get Your Kids Excited About Recycling ·

Help your child acquire environmentally-friendly habits that will teach them to protect their environment for years to come!Not only will you educate them on the importance of recycling, you will also help them become more responsible and socially active in preserving their environment.Introducing recycling to your child’s daily routine is the easiest way to achieve this!
We have put together 4 simple tips to make recycling fun and an everyday habit for your child:
  • 1. Make it a game! Don’t turn recycling into another chore for your child to do, they will very quickly become bored! Instead, turn recycling into a fun game that your little ones will enjoy doing. For example, if you’re at a park clean up, anyone who picks up the most recycled items is the winner and gets a fun prize. Let your imagination run wild and think of your own exciting game that will make recycling fun for you and your kids.
  • 2. Participate in local clean ups. Find a local group in your community who are dedicated to keeping the environment beautiful and clean. Being surrounded by people who share a common goal about recycling can inspire good habits in your children. Whether it’s a beach or park clean up – get involved!
  • 3. Make recycling part of your child’s everyday life. The more you practice and educate your child on recycling, the more likely your child will hold on to these habits for years to come. Start by making small changes - when you go shopping, instead of buying plastic bags at the till, bring your own.
  • 4. Personalise it by decorating the bins in your home that you will be using for recycling. Use a different colour or image to help your child distinguish between which bin will be used for plastic, paper and glass waste. This makes recycling fun and gets your children more enthusiastic about recycling.

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