Keeping the Kids Warm This Season ·

"Keeping kids warm in the winter is a major stressor for moms"
writes American Mommy Blogger Candace Derickx. And we couldn’t agree more – the thought of running around trying to keep the little ones indoors and warm while all they want to do is play outside in the rain, jumping in muddy puddles is enough to send any mom into a spin. The stress! Well as the winter weather beckons we share some ideas on how to keep the little ones warm and active indoors!
  • 1. Layers - dress the little ones in more than one layer so it’s easy to peel items off as they get warm and add them on when the temperatures drop.
  • 2. Although it might be cold - that doesn't have to mean that your children can’t be outdoors. For outdoor playtime, make sure the kiddies have their coats on and a woolly hat to keep them warm. Whatever the weather - an invigorating walk, a game of catchers or soccer is never a bad idea. Let them breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the winter sunshine.
  • 3. Take the kids down to your local gym and let them enjoy a swim in the heated pool – remember to wrap up warm afterwards and dry their hair thoroughly before heading home.
  • 4. Trampoline Parks have become the newest craze and they are popping up all over the place. While they might leave the kids hot and sweaty in summer, they are a perfect activity for winter - added to which they are also a great workout for mom too!
  • 5. Kids love tenpin bowling. Most Tenpin lanes offer rails and "slides" to assist the littlies in getting their balls down the lane whilst also avoiding the gutters – and of course it’s a great family activity!
  • 6. Even in winter its important to keep the kids hydrated after playtime and there is nothing more delicious than a warm cup of hot chocolate or Laager Tea4Kids flavoured Rooibos Tea.
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